5 Tips to start exercising

How to become and stay fit in 2016

January is the perfect month to start exercising. Also for you, a novice athlete. If you’re not familiar with work-outs and / or group lessons in the gym or running sessions in the park, then beware. Here are the tips to start exercising and continue to do so throughout the new year!
Many people are eager to start their training, but if they do not see results after six weeks, they stop. It is particularly important to start slowly, so you can get mentally used to the exercise you now plan (daily?) in your schedule.

  • 1. Start small

    Buildup your workouts slowly, do not walk too fast right away. More small exercises during the day works better than one long session per day. This way you gradually fall into a daily routine.

  • 2. Begin with cardio

    The first thing you should do if you want to get fit, is to increase your heart rate. So if you go to the gym, first go on the treadmill, exercise bike, rowing machine and cross trainer. And only then to the strength training device for specific body parts / muscle groups. Make sure the gym advises you on the best training schedule for you. The coaches at Sports & Health Club The Challenge can create a customize schedule for 8 weeks (and beyond) for you, so you have a goal what you would like to achieve.

  • 3. Plan your workouts

    Make sure your workouts fit seamlessly into your daily schedule, so that you do not get stressed. Preferably mark the training sessions in your agenda, so they will feel more like a real appointment. And you won’t cancel an apointment without a good reason, right?

  • 4. Make sure that you’ll actually go

    Prepare the night before your bag containing everything you need: sport clothes, sneakers, towel, water bottle, you name it. For a novice athlete nothing is more dangerous than the moment before you leave home. It is so tempting to fall back into your daily routine (to plop on the couch for example?). You really have to think for a moment why you do this again.

  • 5. Hire, if possible, a personal trainer

    If you are someone who needs help to be motivated, then a personal trainer is perfect for you. It helps if there is someone with you who knows exactly what to do to get fit. But it also helps that you pay the person for his / her services: Giving up is not really an option anymore.

Studies have shown that most people need an average of six weeks time before they have fitted their new training in their daily schedule, so sign up at a gym in your neighborhood for at least two months, which will motivate you to really go since you already paid.

2016 it’s time to get fit, no more excuses!