Author: Jan Barendse

  • Handy – All Pharmacies on Duty Tonight

    Handy – All Pharmacies on Duty Tonight

    Our crafty Junior-developer Mik just put together a smart schedule of the Botica’s na warda, which is Papiamentu for Pharmacies on Night Duty. If you are a tourist in a pickle, or need painkillers, just go to the pharmacies section of CuracaoTogo and hop in the car. Pharmacies and Night Duty Schedule

  • A Happy Curacao To go app user

    A Happy Curacao To go app user

    Thank you BTD, we are always happy to hear about people happily using our app and site.

  • Road trip: ‘rondje Westpunt’

    Road trip: ‘rondje Westpunt’

    Rondje westpunt It’s the Dutch name for a road-trip through the west part of Curacao. This part of Curacao is much different from the busy city/downtown area. It’s quite green, hilly and its versital nature makes it much more beautiful than the urban part of Curacao.

  • Speeltuin Marc

    FULL SPEED TO KLEIN CURACAO WITH A DISCOUNT To Paradise with Adrenaline’s Klein Curacao Express, the fastest boattrip now with this discount voucher in your email. This is not a booking, just a discount in your pocket. [gravityform id=”2″ title=”false” description=”false”] (no spam and no obligations, absolutely guaranteed)   Who we are Adrenaline Tours Curacao…

  • Taste of the Caribbean

    Taste of the Caribbean

    ‘Taste of the Caribbean’ is a culinary competition and cultural showcase. Once a year the best chefs and culinary teams come together to learn, demonstrate their skills and provide the general public an exhibition of the most savory and mouthwatering treats of the Caribbean islands. It is a showcase of the most popular trends in…

  • Curacao Carnival

    Curacao Carnival

    During the Curacao carnival days there are parties to dance and drink at, and there are parades. The preparation of carnival starts at November 11th, the eleventh of the eleventh. On this day ‘The Council of Eleven’ chooses the Prince Carnival of that year.   The time of the celebration of Curacao carnival depends on…

  • Top 5 Best Excursions Must Do in Curacao!

    Top 5 Best Excursions Must Do in Curacao!

    Top 5 Best Excursions 1. Boat trip to Klein Curacao Take a trip to paradise… Picture white sand, turquoise blue water, turtles and birds. The island, Klein Curacao, is 1.7 km4 big and located about 10 km southeast of Curacao. It is uninhabited and acts as bird sanctuary. The lighthouse is 20 meters tall and…

  • 5 Tips to start exercising

    5 Tips to start exercising

    How to become and stay fit in 2016 January is the perfect month to start exercising. Also for you, a novice athlete. If you’re not familiar with work-outs and / or group lessons in the gym or running sessions in the park, then beware. Here are the tips to start exercising and continue to do…

  • Opening Renovated Fort Beekenburg

    Opening Renovated Fort Beekenburg

    Fort Beekenburg history Fort Beekenburg was built in 1703 in the Caracas Bay to defend the Spanish Water. Caracas Bay with the backdrop Spanish Water was one of the few suitable places to enter Curacao from sea. Therefore it was decided to build a fort to make it impossible for enemies to reach Willemstad. The…