10 Tips For Healthy Travelers

Top 10 tips for a healthy holiday on Curacao

When traveling, diet and lifestyle change often. Curaçao is known for its gorgeous beaches. But there’s plenty more to do. A vacation on Curacao can be many things: relaxing and serene, or energetic and packed fill of activity. The island also offers healthy hotspots, to stay dedicated to your “healthy living”. Taking time off for vacation shouldn’t mean taking time off from your healthy lifestyle too. Even on holiday, you can stay healthy and fit with these easy tips:

1. Christoffel National Park a “must do” for everyone!

Providing different types of tours, including guided hikes, jeep safaris, mountain biking, deer-watching, animal presentations, cave explorations and special activities like full-moon nature walks. Or climb The 1,239-foot MT. Christoffel, Curacao’s highest peak; the panoramic view stretches to the mountain ranges of Venezuela.

2. Discover Curacao’s best tour operator Bounty Adventures.

With island tours, sailing trips, Klein Curacao trips, Stand up paddle boarding, kayak fishing, snorkel trips or go scuba diving.

3. Fly like a superhero and swim like a dolphin with Zapata Flyboard Curacao

. Click here for more information about flyboarding and the things you have to know about this great experience!

4. Your holiday plans don’t have to ruin your workout routine.

Sports & Health Club The Challenge Curacao now offers special workout packages with 10% discount! The Challenge is the biggest gym with the latest Technogym equipment. Get your discount here!

5. For every animal-loving daredevil!

Ostrich riding may not be the first idea that springs to mind when you consider what you could do on holiday. Take the opportunity to meet these fascinating birds personal, feed them or even ride them. Curaçao’s one-and-only Ostrich Farm—the largest outside of South Africa—is the place to be.

6. Max & Bee Juicery: Simple, pure, straight up cold-pressed juice + superfood kitchen.

Juice, nut milks, smoothies, smoothie bowls, food and cleanses.

7. Boosty is a lunchroom that prouds itself.

Serving only the most fresh and best of the ingredients used to prepare their food, combined with a fresh and relaxing ambiance that takes one away from the hustle and bustle from daily routine. A fresh, modern and open interior featuring the Boosty orange color with specks of green for freshness and light wooden furniture for earthiness.

8. Hofi Cas Cora: For those of you on Curacao looking for a cozy, colorful weekend brunch spot.

With delicious fresh food straight from the farm, Hofi Cas Cora is your place to go. The owners Femi Meaux and Joshua Peiliker have turned this big piece of land into a magical farm-to-table restaurant. The interior design is a mixture of their vintage and hip styles, giving it a very cozy and enjoyable ambiance. The food and snacks are made fresh with most ingredients coming straight from the backyard.

9. Osteria Rosso: combine fresh ingredients served with a deep red wine and stunning views.

Osteria Rosso, located on the premises of Trupial Inn Hotel. Taste the simple and refined dishes prepared by the hands of experienced chefs who are masters in the Italian culinary.

10. “Kome” the Papiamentu word for “Eat” as it simply describes what they are all about.

Located in the historical district of Pietermaai, Kome features a chef-driven menu where cooking techniques lay the foundation for their creative freedom. All the dishes are prepared from scratch, featuring such recent winners as fresh-off-the-boat crispy Curaçao red snapper, pretzel-dusted calamari, grilled short ribs with brandy-infused hoisin, and angel hair pasta with Cajun shrimp and spicy tasso ham.

The good news is feeling healthy during your stay on Curacao!