A Cabana beach-day is full of surprises.

We received this nice Cabana Curacao review from Sergio, who visited Curacao last year

So on my two week long holiday to Curacao I got to experience many wonderful features the island has to offer. The one I loved the most was Cabana Beach, I loved this place so much that I could say that my holidays were not in Curacao but in Cabana! I’m talking about a marvellous venue on the shore with a man-made beach with beautiful and very comfortable family sized sunbeds next to the crystal clear water of the Caribbean.


Obviously that’s not all, Cabana also has a bar and a restaurant that serves wonderful seafood and other sorts of dishes. To top it off, Cabana also offers weekly events such as: ‘’Nine Dot Five’’ on Wednesdays, Fish market on Fridays, and the Happy hour together with the Mojito Bar followed by the Steak Market on Sundays. If you want more detailed information about these events you could visit their website at http://www.cabanabeachcuracao.com/events/ , however I suggest you go see it yourself, you won’t regret it.

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Anyway, the day that made me fall in love with this place was the first time I ever went there and to the luck of my friend and I, it was happy hour later on that day! So we arrived at around 10 in the morning, started off with a nice early morning swim and then headed off to the restaurant to have some breakfast. The waitress was super friendly and was able to answer all our questions. Next to us sat a family of four and somehow we ended up having a great laugh with them. My friend Mark was really into Alice, the daughter in the family. We spent a great day on the beach swimming and playing with our new friends until it got to 6 in the afternoon and the happy hour started! The place got packed, it seemed like the entire island was there! Everybody was smiling and they all seemed to know each other, which caused a very friendly atmosphere with super cheap drinks and nice music.

Cabana is full of surprises.

What we didn’t know is that right after the happy hour there was a steak market where with the help of a chef, you could choose from a wide variety of succulent steaks and they would grill it for you!! So after a long day of playing under the sun, drinking and dancing we got to finish it off with some amazing steaks! It was just fantastic, words cannot describe it. At some point during the steak market my friend Mark and Alice got lost… We didn’t find them until the next morning! They were fine, I’m not going to go into detail of what happened, but two months later they are living together! How crazy is that? What I’m trying to say is that Cabana is full of surprises!
You can enjoy this wonderful place from mornings to evenings, and it’s targeted to all sorts of public from very young ones to old couples and families. So don’t think there’s a chance this place is not for you, because no matter how picky you can be, it’s impossible to not like it!


Weekly events at Cabana Curacao.


Wednesday 21.30 – Nine dot five

Every Wednesday night Cabana Beach is marked by Astoria’s 9.5 Cold Wine.

So on Wednesday nights Cabana Beach is the place to be. With live music by Gino & Friends and Italy’s best sparkling wine for a special price, you can spend your  evening in the lounge or on the dance floor.

9.5 cabana woensdag avond

Friday 19.00 – Fish market

Presented on the impressive open air- Buffet: Let our chef advise you on the diversity of culinary surprises we can prepare for you. The most exciting experience of the fish market might be that you are choosing your own fresh fish which our chef will be grilling for you.

Other than delicious fish, The fish market is an evening with a wide range of entertainment.

cabana curacao

Sunday 15.00 tot 18.00 – Mojito bar

While you’re having the perfect beach day, our Mojito Bar will open at 15:00 for great Mojito’s and Caipirinha’s for only Nafl. 7,50! When  you are getting hungry, you can order freshly roasted sate for Nafl. 10,-.

From 17:00 to 18:00 it’s Happy Hour to make sure your weekend ends in a great way.


Sunday 19.00 – Steak market

The Cabana Steak market offer a prime selection of the most beautiful steaks, presented on the impressive open-air buffet. Let our chef advise you on the diversity you and tell us how you prefer them, we grill it for you! a Delicious freshly grilled mail guaranteed!

Other than delicious food, live entertainment makes the steak complete.