The history of Pietermaai

Built somewhere in the beginning of the 18th Century, ‘Pietermaai’ was originally a residential neighborhood. ‘Pietermaai’ District is well known for its stunning Dutch colonial architecture, built in the 18th and 19th century style. In the mid-19th century, after the city walls were torn down, ‘Pietermaai’ became a hub for business-, and cultural ideas. In the late 20th century, after having been a top notch business district for many years, slowly and regretfully ‘Pietermaai’ was being taken over by drug peddlers. The residents in the area retreated indoors and wealthy families moved to other parts of the city, leaving the streets and iconic buildings to be used by criminals. This decade, the area is being rebuild and put back into its former glory.


Pietermaai currently

Nowadays ‘Pietermaai’ area is highly recommended to visit during your stay in Curacao. Come and taste the atmosphere of this historic district from the tropical beach feel to the bohemian elegance. The Pietermaai District offers you in short walking distance from each other: more than 15 high-end restaurants, many different bars, nightclubs with often live music performances, and boutique hotels. Looking for a daytime activity? There is a shopping mall and there are small boutiques, a few hairdressers, a spa, some beach clubs and a dive shop.

Scuba Lodge Restaurant

Sea view, Beachdining ...
Scuba Lodge Pietermaai Dive CenterScuba Lodge Pietermaai Dive CenterScuba Lodge Pietermaai Dive CenterScuba Lodge Pietermaai Dive Center

Scuba Lodge Pietermaai Dive Center

“The Scuba Lodge Dive Team offers scuba diving opportunities at all levels, from beginners to advanced divers. The professional yet fun-loving team ...

Mundo Bizarro

'Arty farty' comes into it's own at Mundo Bizarro. The place is partially built with left-over materials of the first renovated parts ...

Vita Vegetarian Cuisine

In the Pietermaai District you find a small lovely restaurant called 'VITA - Vegetarian Cuisine'. Their believe is that every

PM78 Luxury Apartments Pietermaai

On Pietermaai 78 you find the Beach House. A cottage style accommodation ocean front with large private pool ocean front.

Saint Tropez Ocean Club

Imagine the French Coast with a Miami look in the middle of the Caribbean. Saint Tropez brings the best of

Eetcafe Old Dutch

Old Dutch is a real Dutch café where you can enjoy a drink and a simple but delicious meal or

Scuba Lodge Restaurant & Ocean Bar

The perfect mix of tropical, cozy and casual. Located in the heart of Pietermaai, Scuba Lodge presents simple, good food.

27 Bar & Restaurant

The place where legends live, drink and dance! Rock stars revive at this place and live music fills up 27

Saint Tropez Ocean Club

Reservations recommended

Déjà Vu

Located in one of the monumental buildings at Pietermaai, Déjà vu is a place of history and character. The downstairs


If you’re looking for romance, Oporto is the answer. This restaurant on the water offers a view over Waaigat and

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