Wonderful world of water tour.

This full-day jeep safari tour will demonstrate the wonders of the sea. It starts at 9 am till 4 pm. You will see the natural blowholes created by the sea on the north coast. Also you will bring a visit to National Park Sheta Boka with the famous Boka Tabla cave. A pick nick lunch will be served here. The last stop is to snorkel/swim at one of the white beaches on the southwest coast.

Highlights of this tour:

–   Mini desert of Curacao where oddly enough most natural sweet water on Curacao is found

–   Water spectacles on the North-West coast of Curacao;

–   Green South-West coast of Curacao where most of Curacao’s natural beaches are;

–   Underwater world of Curacao, discovered by a snorkel stop at a local beach.


Tour details:

Your adventure will start at the wide, open mini desert, locally called the planes of Hato mini desert, where your guide will drive along the rugged coastline and explain the volcanic and coral geological origins of the island and how the sea has created the 3 distinct terraces or plateaus of the island. No where are these  3 terraces more visible then on the Hato planes.


Next we will take you to several isolated bays where big breakers crash into the coral cliffs creating natural blowholes  where the sea-water and foam is sprayed through a chute into the air displaying colorful fountains and rainbows. If the waves are strong enough you can stand close and let the water sprinkles refresh you. Also exotic birds like herons, frigate-birds and Caracaras can be spotted here.


We will enjoy lunch in the Shete Boca National Park with its rugged and rocky formations, where if the sea allows us we will visit Boca Tabla where the sea and wind has worked together to create a cave in which the waves come crushing in,  often giving a splendid show but sometimes flooding the cave completely. Here we will also enjoy a simple but tasty picknick lunch.


After Shete Boca Park we will leave the North West Coast and cross over to the South West coast of Curacao where you will notice how the scenery changes completely from a dry arid climate to a green hilly coast where you will find nearly all of Curacao natural white beaches or as locally called playa’s.


At one of these playa’s we will go snorkeling allowing you to discover and enjoy the underwater world of Curacao.


This is where we will end with the tour and drive back to you back to your accommodation or cruise ship.