“L’Aldea where the Amazon comes to life!”

L’Aldea imitates the Amazonia rainforest and the minute you walk in you can feel, see and hear the forest. Monkey sounds, waterfalls and the smell of nature welcome you at L’Aldea. It is a great idea to work up an appetite to let the guides take you on the Amazonia Tour, a 60-90 minute guided tour that takes you on a journey through the Mayan, Aztec, Incan and Arowak cultures in a Rain forest like surrounding.

In the restaurant you can eat for a fixed price selected cuts of meat all you want. There is also an option for fish. Click here for the full menu.

Furthermore, L’Aldea organizes special theme evenings:

Tuesday: Pincho Night
2nd meat pincho at half price

Wednesday: Date/Couples Night
Your date/loved one gets half price on all-you-can-eat concept

Thursday: Local Night
All locals get 50 % discount on all-you-can-eat concept

Friday: Surf & Turf (Mar y Tierra)
Shrimps and fish are added to the meal rounds

Saturday: Dessert night
Half of the salad bar is filled with desserts, to try for free

Sunday: Family Night
All members of the family can enjoy all-you-can-eat concept for a lower price

L’Aldea Restaurant is closed on Mondays.

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