No matter what your interests are, Pietermaai District has it. Located just a stone’s throw away from the city center of Willemstad, this quaint neighborhood covers an impressive, yet easy approachable area stretching from The Movies at Plaza Mundo Merced to the rows of bars and restaurants along Pietermaai, at Johan van Walbeeckplein all the way to Avila Hotel in Penstraat. The most beautiful buildings are built directly on the seashore, and many have now been restored to their old glory, and house hotels and fine restaurants. Pietermaai District also organizes yearly events, from a daily event like the Pietermaai walk to Kings Day and even weeklong entertainment during the Curacao International BlueSeas Festival. Their most popular event is the Pagara Party XXL. Every year on the 31st of December they roll out this red carpet of firework, containing thousands of firecrackers. It starts at Saint Tropez Oceanclub and all the way to the square, ‘Wilhelmina plein’, in the center of Punda. Along the way are many food stalls, bars and live DJ’s.