The word chichi means ‘big sister’ in Papiamentu, the eldest daughter of the family, who binds the family in a caring and loving way together. Chichi is a Caribbean sensual well rounded figure. She represents the responsible, dynamic and vibrant older sister. Each doll is handmade and hand painted colorfully by local craftsmen at Serena’s Art Factory.  Serena Janet Israel, born in Berlin, is the creator of Chichi. She was influenced by the famous Austrian ‘Venus of Willendorf’ sculpture, the women painted by Fernando Botero and the sculptures by Niki de Saint Phalle. It is possible to paint your own chichi doll by organizing a workshop or by participating in the already organized walk-in workshops held twice per month on Fridays. At the Art Factory, located on the road to the Ostrich Farm, is also a shop where you can buy the original handmade in-Curacao-souvenir.