A day in paradise, that’s how I would describe a day with the ‘Jona Lisa’.

The ‘Jona Lisa’ is a luxurious catamaran/sailing boat of Bounty Adventures. It departs every day to Klein Curacao.

Once boarded, breakfast is served and while you’re eating, the captain is briefing everyone. Note: When he says you may get wet, it’s for real; you really get wet ;-). So the real adventurists can take a spot in the front of the boat. but don’t worry, if you had done your make-up and hair, there’s also a lot of space at the backside or inside, to have a more relaxing trip.

When the boat arrives at the island “Klein Curacao”, a small boat takes you to the island. But first enjoy the view. The water is crystal clear and beautiful blue, in combination with the white sandy beach… This is paradise!

Around noon you’re picked up for a delicious BBQ lunch on board. Think about spareribs, chicken and some good salads. And – not unimportant – an open bar including alcoholic drinks. After lunch you can go back to the island, or just relax at the boat. The trip back to Curacao is a really relaxing trip.

What to do at Klein Curacao:

  • Swim and snorkel with the sea turtles. There’s a chance of 90% you can see them.
  • Visit the lighthouse and the ship wreck.
  • Or just relax on the beach.

What to bring to Klein Curacao:

  • A lot of sunscreen.
  • your swimwear.
  • a towel.
  • your photo camera.
  • and of course a big smile.

Price of the trip to Klein Curacao:

  • Adults $ 108 USD,
  • Children (3-12) $54 USD