To protect this unique part of Curacao, San Nicolas can only be reached by boat or organised tour keeping the coral and nature intact. During this tour Blenchi Dive and Snorkel will take you to Pos Spaño; a long stretched coral beach where you will have time for snorkeling and/or diving. The dive site is very good due to a neat mix of coral and sponges.
Playa Hulu; this small but beautiful sand beach is among one of the few untouched beaches left; providing privacy at it’s best.
Boka Santa Pretu; also known as black sand beach, is a one of a kind volcanic (!) beach with – what’s in a name- black sand and great rock formations making it a great snorkeling spot.
Boca Hulu and the Blue room, Boka Fluit; also known as the ‘Blue Room’ is an underwater cave that will light up and turn blue when the sunlight comes in.