“L’Aldea where the Amazon comes to life!”
The L’Aldea Amazonia Tour is a 60-90 minute guided tour that takes you on a journey through 45,000 square foot installation filled with dozens of sculptures, paintings and murals that reflect the Mayan, Aztec, Incan and Arowak cultures. For the duration of the tour, you will get an idea of what the Rain-forests of South America are like, and see the animals you would expect to find there: snakes, spiders, lizards, monkeys… and lots of beautiful parrots and birds. They have a total of 130 exotic species of animals, and each one is interesting in their own kind. Additionally, you will learn learn about Maya, Aztec, Inca and Arawak cultures, and how they have influenced the language and culture on Caribbean islands.
After the tour enjoy a great meal in L’Aldea Restaurant where they serve all-you-can-eat meat and fish dishes as well as tasty pincho skewers.

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