The Best Food on the whole Island… at least that is what they say! Don’t believe us? Just come and give it a try! For meat lovers, come and try our different steaks like, Picanha, Tenderloin or Spicy Lomito! Our “Hot Honey Glazed Ribs” or a fancy one of a kind “Chicken Filet” all the way from Mars! You don’t like meat? No Problem! We got Seafood, Pastas, Burgers, Arepitas, Salads, you name it!

For those who feel extra adventurous, you simply must… we repeat, MUST try our one and only “All You Can Eat Concept”: The 55! Here you get a chance to try 55 different dishes, as they come out in a random order. From meat like Picanha and Spicy Lomito, all the way to a beautiful dessert like a brownie or a Tiramisu!!! Can you handle “The 55”?