Set amidst a lush rain forest garden, the Amazonia hotel is a boutique hotel that aims to be more than just another luxury resort. They provide guests with an individualized experience which is immersive, relaxing, exciting and fun. Featuring 9 luxury, individually-decorated guest rooms, hotel guests are presented with all the amenities one would expect to find in a modern luxury hotel: flat-screen televisions (with cable programming), refrigerators, and complimentary wireless internet access on the resort.
This resort has an organic origin; it is safe, friendly, nice and spacious in terms of location and rooms, a unique oasis where you are really away and yet at home, the architectural style is balanced, unique, colorful, thoughtful, ecologically surprisingly adventurous and exotic. Also “The Lost Island of Dreams” tours can be arranged, and let’s not forget about the famous Dr. Fish.

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